Retrospectre is an action platformer set in an infested tech-neon city where the player is a lone Templar, tasked with traversing the city to slay the Eldritch lord PRISM using a collection of powerful multi-functioning GunTools. Made by a small group of students at Full Sail University in roughly 2 months. Currently In Beta. 

Highly recommend downloading to play as originally intended because the Web build had to be stripped down a lot and can sometimes act very clunky.

Music by the incredibly awesome We Are Magonia:


Download 247 MB
RetroSpectreInstaller.exe 211 MB

Development log


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The art and music is really good, I really enjoyed the game. Not sure if I'm missing something, but I wasn't able to find any ammo after I ran out. This forced me to die on purpose once in level 01. I think it would be fine if you had unlimited ammo for your primary weapon. But either way, the game was really enjoyable. Keep it up!

You can reload by pressing R!

omg haha ok that makes a lot more sense